Subject: RE: Western Canada (Canadian Rockies) queries
Since I'm a new at this, please forgive me if somebody else has asked this question. My wife and I were thinking of taking a trip to Switzerland and doing the Glacier Express train and maybe then to Italy. Was wondering if anybody out there had ever done the Glacier Express and, if so, what was it like, how do I get information, and maybe some cost ideas. I realize that nothing in this world has gone down, except maybe the sun, and I usually can count on that daily. But if anyone has any information they wouldn't mind sharing, please do so. Also, accommodations, B &B's, whatever, if you have some information, please feel free to let me know. I appreciate all info as I print it and save it under TRAVEL for someday when I do nothing but travel. That is my goal is to do traveling. And sounds as if there are quite a few out there who have been there and done that. So I look forwward to hearing from you. Thanks, DAVID