Subject: Glacier Express
In the past ten years, we have ridden on the Glacier Express three times, the full-length in summer; a partial trip in winter; and another partial trip in summer. Each one was an absolutely delightful experience. I recommend that anyone wanting to do this trip contact a good travel agent who will have all details of doing all of the journey or parts of it, as an independent person (many groups include the Glacier Express as part of their tour); since it was a few years ago the last time we did it, I do not know prices. However, it is essential to have advance reservations, and I would definitely book for a meal in the dining car, with its unique curved-stem wineglasses. The best way is to stay at one end of the Glacier Express line, spend a day travelling to the other end, and then stay there. A good time to go is early June--lovely wildflowers, still some snow, and usually non-crowded cars since it is before the height of the tourist season. There probably is a website; I haven't looked. In summary, YES, do the Glacier Express ride; it's magnificent in any season! Cheers, Pat in Baltimore