Subject: RE: Help with New Orleans!
You might try the St. Charles Inn. I usually stay out of downtown in Metairie or at The Pontchartrain Hotel. Pontchartrain is a lot more expensive (if you ask for the best rate they can give you it will save some) but it always makes me feel good to stay in the old grand hotels with their huge rooms and suites. There's just something about real wood and marble! 2 weeks ago I had a suite on 6th floor with a little refrigerator in the kitchen area an extremely large living room, large bedroom and great old (large) bathroom and dressing area for $139.00 before taxes. The St. Charles is a whole lot less but I haven't stayed there in a long time so don't know the current price. I'm pretty sure it is probably around $90-$110. Again, you need to ask them for any special rates in effect. I know they do give govt. rates and no one ever asks for any proof that you are a govt. or state employee. (I think that rate is around $60.00 or so. Of course, both are on St. Charles Ave. so you get to take the trolley and that's only $.50 per ride. Maybe this will help. Mike in Monroe, LA