Subject: RE: London information
We Went to London last year and had a ball. We went in September and weather was great. Might be a bit cooler in Spring with probably rain. Although, you can check the net for weather information fairly easy. We stayed in a bed and breakfast, the Winchester Hotel. Nice, but not that great. I am sorry to say I really can't recommend it. Convenient to Victoria Station but wasn't that comfortable as far as sleeping went. I would go to Barnes & Noble, or a good bookstore in your area, and look for a guide to London, England, etc. We did all of our traveling by subway or by train. Couldn't get used to driving on the WRONG side of the road. Very different. If you have time, you should take in Scotland. If you would like more information about where we stayed other than London, please feel free to e-mail me back and I'll give you more information. Hope you have a wonderful trip. A fellow traveler, DAVID