Subject: New Travelziners from Charlotte, NC
Hi! We're new to the list, and looking forward to some interesting correspondence! We are both 40 y/o, and live in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

We're planning an extended trip to the UK next year (2000) but are interested in traveling to all European countries.

Craig has lived in Crete, and I have lived in Germany (Biebelried, Germany and Friedberg/Butzbach, Germany). I've also visited Paris... but one of those whirlwind tourist affairs that doesn't really count!

My favorite places in Germany were: a little village called Schloss (somewhere near Kitzingen); the mountainous region near Salzburg (Austria!); Heidelberg; Wurzburg; frankly... I enjoyed every village and city I visited there! It was FRG while I was there, and I'm wondering about changes since 'the wall' came down. In Paris, I enjoyed the Jeu du Paume museum... but I didn't get to see much while there (3 day tour!).

My favorite place in Germany... I doubt most people could find. It was a hilltop, ringed with horse chestnut trees. There was a tower there, though. I used to take a picnic lunch, and listen to the cuckoos sing! Rarely did I see other people there, although I'm sure it was a public area.

We intend to travel quite extensively over the next 20-30 years! Please let us know of quiet, interesting or beautiful locations (natural and/or historical sites) that we should see -- particularly those NOT in tourist-y locations. We enjoy those spots too... but like to get off the beaten track!

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from all of you!

Faith & Craig