Subject: Puerto Vallarta Restaurants
#1 - Cafe de Olla (absolutely marvellous seafood platter for 2 for $25 U.S.) #2 - Archie's Wok (Indonesian/Chinese) #3 - Red Cabbage - owned by Lola Bravo - authentic Mexican #4 - Chez Elena - at Los Cuatro Vientos Hotel #5 - Los Pibes - Argentinian - wonderful steaks

Side trips - Yelapa - pick up a boat at the main dock at Los Muertos Beach probably the day before you want to go. They will take a deposit and write this on a piece of paper which you bring with you the next day and pay the balance. It's much more fun to go on one of the small boats than on one of the bigger boats and much cheaper also. You can go for the day and explore the village or have a great fresh seafood lunch on the beach for about $5U.S. You can only reach Yelapa by boat; it's an art colony now and kind of a hippie place but lots of fun.

Last trip we went whale watching which was arranged privately and it was a real thrill as we saw the whales up close and were led by dolphins on the way out.

We also took the Lagoon Tour which was very interesting but it takes a whole day.

There are several websites on PV and you can locate a lot of the tours before you go complete with details.