Subject: Re: Western Canada queries
Hello Louise,

I haven't been to the Icefields or Jasper, however, if it's within your budget, staying at the Jasper Park Lodge is not to be missed. As for Banff , again, September nets you more reasonable prices at the Banff Springs Hotel (Even if you can only afford to stay for 1 night, it's worth the experience!) Another place that we've stayed is in Lake Louise, called the Lake Louise Inn, it had lovely rooms with fireplace. I find there's much more to do around Lake Louise, (hiking wise), as well you can drive up to Moraine Lake, which some people (me among them) think is even more beautiful than Lake Louise (yes I know it's hard to believe). Moraine Lake is about 40 miles from Lake Louise, and the road is well signed and easy to find.

Spend a day in Banff, just walking the town and get some shopping done.

Hope this helps a bit.

John Wiernikowski Hamilton, Ontario CANADA