Subject: Western Canada -- Lake Louise -- Post Hotel # using travel agents
I agree totally with Sally, that the Post Hotel is definitely worth a splurge night's stay!!. It is a Relais et Chateau Hotel/Restaurant; after checking in, you can have a lovely tea in the lobby. Then a magnificent dinner. The rooms and suites are just lovely and the whole atmosphere delightful. We splurged one night there, booking a room for $325 Canadian, no meals, upon the recommendation of our travel agent, who has sent several people there, with rave reviews from all. Upon checking in, we found that (unknown to us) our wonderful travel agent had told them this was a trip to celebrate our 40th anniversary---so we were upgraded to a large two-level suite with two full baths, including whirlpool, a wet bar, a living room with a wood-burning fireplace, with logs all laid and plenty of extra wood, and a balcony overlooking the mountains--we went to sleep in our balcony bedroom looking down at the blazing fire in the fireplace. In the morning, we built another fire after we had our early coffee bundled up on the balcony watching a black bear amble through the woods, and ate the pastries and juice we bought at the Lake Louise deli the day before. When we travel, we do it on the cheap most of the time ($35 motels often) but find it well worth the money to have wonderful splurges like this every so often. In an earlier e-mail, I talked about Paradise Lodge and Bungalows, close to the Lake in Lake Louise, where we stayed three other nights for less money but still an absolutely superb place. Your travel agent cannot book Paradise Lodge for you since they do not pay travel agent commissions--but our wonderful agent on whom we rely so much is often willing to make the arrangements for us at places like this at no commission just because she wants to make us happy---Yes, there really are agents like that out there if you look and if you learn to rely on their advice and their expertise. We have sent so many former do it ourselfers to her and they usually find that she can save them money AND provide a better experience. Cheers, Pat in Baltimore