Subject: England and Ireland trip report
Just got back from three weeks in England and Ireland. Had about three days of rain the whole trip, particularly sunny the week on the canals in England. We did a loop in Ireland - Dublin, Galway via the Wicklow Mtns., down the west coast to Dingle and then back across to Rosslair. Even in October their are American tourists everywhere, except in the remotest of places. We had lots of good food, particularly fish in the coastal communities, and the Dingle Peninsula was particularly pretty. Only one big suprise - I am a beer fan and have always enjoyed the local ales in Britain. Forget that in Ireland - there is Guiness, Murphy's, Smithwick's and one or two others, and that's it.

Our thanks to those on the list who gave us information. I haven't got my notes typed up yet, but let me know if any of you would like them.

Jerry and Mary Coleman (in Belmont, California)