Subject: Re: Cornwall and S. Ireland
S. Ireland? Are you referring to the areas further to the south such as Cork and Kerry? Ireland is pretty small, depending on how much time you have you experience a lot more. Is this your first trip to Ireland?

A good place to start is with the Irish Tourist Board ( You can also call the New York office and they will mail you free information on bed and breakfasts, inns, hotels, and car rental (Irish Tourist Board/Bord Failte, 345 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10154, Tel 212 418 0800, Fax 371 9052). Another place to start for general info on Ireland is:

For travel specific to the southern counties check out the Guide to South East Ireland: and also this guide to the Dingle Peninsula (a MUST see) in awesome, beautiful Kerry County which is in the south west of Ireland:


- Erina in Reston, Virginia