Subject: Re: Cornwall and S. Ireland
S. Ireland! Aaaaaaaaaaahhh! I just got it - are you referring to the Republic of Ireland as opposed to Northern Ireland?

FYI - while Northern Ireland is referred to as Northern Ireland or The North (you will also hear Loyalists call it Ulster, but that is not technically correct since only parts of Ulster County are in the North and parts are in the Republic. Let me know if you want a history lesson and I will gladly lecture off list ;) the rest of the island is NOT Southern Ireland - it is simply Ireland or the Republic if you must make a distinction.

There is some beautiful scenery and cute little towns, and of course Belfast city, in the North. If you don't have time that is one thing, but don't avoid it just because of the political situation. The town of Derry, just over the border in the west, is very lovely and quite safe these days. And they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE tourists in the North (they are starved for attention and tourists' $$$). I have not made it to Belfast yet myself, but I have been told it's a lot of fun. Great music scene, good food, nice B&Bs. Treat Belfast like you would any other city - be smart and be careful. There is an unpleasant political situation but it's no more dangerous than New York City (interpret that as you will ;)