Subject: Re: Re: Cornwall and S. Ireland
Hi... I just thought I would put my 2 cents in on this...While St. Ives and Padstow are popular with tourists, they are not awful places to visit. Anyone with a strong interest in art can have a great time in St. Ives at galleries and the museum, and The Fish Restaurant and it's related cafe are the best, to my knowledge, places to eat for many miles around. Clovely is so commercial that we have taken to calling it Clovely World but have actually had a wonderful time there. If you go when the crowds are thin, you can almost forget having to pay to get into the town! I will also add that I had the best strawberry ice cream cone there, made from fresh Devon cream and local fruit, that I have ever tasted in my life. And I bought my favorite Barbour jacket very cheaply in one of the outlets that ring the parking lot. I know that a town with a parking lot seems a bit absurd, but I was happy visiting this place. As to Tintagel, once one leaves the very small town, and begins to climb about the ruins, an awesome sense of history and antiquity can be experienced. Whether King Arthur had anything to do with this place or not, it is still utterly fascinating and the views are spectaclar. I will also add that I am one of those travellers who feels that most well-visited sites are well-visited for a reason. There is usually something there that has made them popular with travellers. And while I would like to have them all to myself, I am happy that the democratization of travel has made so many interesting places accessible to middle class working folks like myself. I try hard not to condemn tourists, and I also try to understand the economic necessities that bring about commercialization in popular tourist spots. I guess I just needed to get that off my chest. I hate the phrase too many tourists because it is usually uttered by a tourist (sometimes me, but I'm trying to get over it)! Happy Travels, Debbie in PA