Subject: Re: Cornwall and S. Ireland
Thanks Beth, There is nothing I like better than a little validation! I am not sure if I am spelling Clovely may be Clovelly, but I'm not sure. This is a really charming little town on the Northwest coast of Devon, very near the border with Cornwall. This ancient town descend very steeply from the top of a wooded hill down to the sea. And I mean steeply. The cobbled main street is impassable for vehicles. As one enters the town one comes into a large parking area. There are usually a few temporary (tented) shops set about around the parking lot. One of the best is an outlet store selling Barbour and other outdoorsy British apparel. After parking, the visitor must pass through a very strange visitors' center. It is huge...there is a charge (small) for entering the town, and a book and souvenir shop, snack bar, rest rooms and a film about the town. Get through this weirdness as quickly as you can. As you pass through the exit of the visitors' center, you are at the top of the village, and can take your time ambling downward. There are some shops and eating establishments as you go along, mostly near the bottom of the village, at the small harbor. The entire place is beautiful and shouldn't be missed, even if you have to pass through Clovelly World to get there. Oh, and once you are at the bottom, you don't have to climb back up! There are Land Rovers, or other van type vehicles, that drive you back up the hill, on a pretty road that skirts the village, and, I imagine, may have been built just for this purpose. The price of admission to the town covers your ride back up the hill. The same is true when visiting Tintagel. Otherwise, I still might be climbing back up!