Subject: Florence to Barcelona
Some people have pointed out that you can get good train and even plane deals. That would be convenient if you don't have much time.

However, spending three days driving from Florence to Barcelona can be a very enjoyable experience. You will have to drive about 400 Km each day, so taht will leave you plenty of time to visit sites and enjoy the road. I have done a similar (althought little longer) trip from Barcelona to Venice in three days and it was very nice and not at all stressing.

>From Genoa to Barcelona there are plenty of interesting places where you can stop: Aix, Antibes, Nice, Nimes, Arles. All this places are on the autoroute so they are very convinient stops and all of them have their charms (for me, the best ones are Aix and Antibes, but that's, definetly, personal taste).

About 100 kms out of the way, you also have Avignon and Carcasonne; definetly worth seeing; but they will add driving time.

On the Spanish side of the border, you can stop in Girona, althought that is so close to Barcelona that it's not worth to sleep there.

A couple of final tips: - combine autoroute (autostrada, autopista) with smaller, more scenic highways (such as routes nationals in France, carreteras nacionales in Spain). - autoroutes (autostrads, autopistas) are toll roads both in Italy, France and Spain. - DO NOT arrive in Barcelona on a sunday evening. there are usually major trafic jams to get into the city and that can easily add two or three hours to your total driving time!

Albert Barcelona