Subject: Sailing the Greek Islands
If you arrive in Brindisi by the ferry, you can rent a car and visit Alberobello town (there are a very very characteristic houses), can visit Castellana cave (very beautiful cave, don't miss it). If you have time, you'll can visit Matera (the Sassi) it is a quarter all excavated in the rock (it is not so close the coast). In the countryside of Barletta you can visit Del Monte castle. On your way from Brindisi to Barletta, you'll visit at least two archeological place: Egnazia (just on the beach) and Canne della Battaglia (few km from Barletta). If you'd like the seaside, stop in Vieste in the Gargano promontory (it is a well know tourist area)- and enjoy the Pugliese cuisine :) Then you have to drive through the inland to go to Rome (Rome is on the other side of Italian cost) so you can enjoy a bit of Italian countryside!

The Sassi in Matera, Del Monte Castle and Alberobello house (but I'm not sure for Alberobello) are listed in the World Trust (UNESCO).

Marco Milan