Subject: The Skeena Train--VIA Rail--Jasper to Prince Rupert
Railroad buffs might enjoy the train ride we took this September from Jasper, Alberta, to Prince Rupert, B.C., Canada, and back on the Skeena train. This train makes several runs a week through magnificent mountain and water scenery; one can travel coach and buy meals, or one can travel first class (Totem Class) and be provided with two meals a day at your comfortable, roomy, reclining seat (included in fee), bar service (coffee and soft drinks free, cost for alcoholic drinks), and access to the domed lounge car at any time. The trip takes two days each way, with overnights at hotels in Prince George (your choice, you reserve and pay) and one or two nights in Prince Rupert (again, your choice of hotel, you reserve, and pay). Many people do only part of the trip; we were among only 4 people who rode the train both ways and were glad we had the whole experience. The staff was delightful and information, the food delicious (why can't airlines serve such magnificent food on trays at one's seat??), the ride comfortable, the scenery superb. There is not much to see or do in Prince George, but then you are there less than 1/2 day; exploring Prince Rupert was great fun--lots of Inuit culture, boat rides, good museums, interesting restored shopping areas, and a great restaurant. For those of you who have done a lot of the more popular passenger train rides, we recommend trying this one for a new experience. Before and after, we loved our stay at the Jasper Park Lodge; they provided free parking for our car during our five days gone and also stored much of our luggage and provided transportation to and from the station, again all at no charge.

Cheers, Pat and Bill Baltimore