Subject: Vienna for a week - next week
Hi there. I am leaving next Monday for a week in Vienna. I am travelling with my mother and a friend of hers, and seeing that we have enough time, we decided to do it by train. Our itinerary is the following: Monday, 29th of November. Leave from Bilbao direction Hendaye at 07:30 a.m, by bus. TGV from Hendaye to Paris-Montparnasse. 10.30 - 16.10. Once there we will get a taxi to our hotel (IBIS chain) near Gare dŽEst. Go for a walk. Still in doubt, but probably weŽll end up in Angelina having a chocolate. Tuesday, 30th of November. Leave at 07.19 a.m from Paris-Est to Wien-Westbahnhof, 21.20. Our hotel in Vienna is located between Stephans and Schwedenplatz, and we could do it by tube, but I guess weŽll be too tired, so we will get a taxi there. The name of the hotel is Kartnerhof. I booked it through the Internet, after checking a few guidebooks, and I made one of my friends go and see if it was O.K. ItŽs not expensive, and if the thing comes out O.K., IŽll post it to the hotel database. Wednesday 1st of December - Sunday 5th of December. Free time. Christmas Markets, there are plenty of them, a bit of sightseeing, visiting old friends, and on the 4rd of December, Saturday, Die Zauberfl#te at the Volksoper. Tickets also booked through the Web, I let you know how it comes out. Monday, 6th of December. 09:45 a.m. Wien-West to Paris-Est 22:30. Straight to the hotel, again IBIS chain near Montparnasse. Tuesday, 7th of December. 10:00 a.m Paris-Montparnasse to Irun 15:40. Home at last. I donŽt know if we will go for something to eat, or head straight into the first bus home. WeŽll have the complete Wednesday (Bank Holiday in Spain) to rest.

We have prepared ourselves for the cold, last weekend we had snow in Bilbao, but here comes my question. I have lived in Vienna, and I know how to move around, the best cafes (at least for me), and all you need to live in a city, but... I have never done any touristy things. Never been to the Sacher (I lie, once, and I didnŽt like it. Too plush and too expensive). Never been to the Hofburg, never been to Sch#nbrunn (the gardens, yes). For the ones of you that have been there, which things were your favourite ones? What did you like to see? Your restaurants? Your cafes?

I promise to post a travelogue, I hope it will be as interesting as the one from Ricardo. I really enjoy the part about Briançon and the Izoard.

Kind regards,

Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)