Subject: Re: Vienna for a week - next week
Covadonga, What a wonderful trip. Sounds great!

When we were there a few years back we took in a couple of the less popular museums (in addition to the exquisite Kunsthistorisches Museum). We enjoyed the Museum fr V#lkerkunde (Ethnological Museum) and the Naturhistorisches Museum (Natural History Museum). The Museum fr V#lkerkunde had a collection of items related to the Spanish Conquest of the Americas including some Aztec codices (pictographic writings) and a penacho (headdress) erroneously called the corona de Montezuma. This fabulous feathered headdress is the only one left in existence. Ironically, these examples of Mesoamerican culture, the codices &the penacho, are nonexistent in their homeland, Mexico. Also interesting in the Museum fr V#lkerkunde was the collection of Iron Age artifacts from central Europe. Right out of Conan the Barbarian.

I agree with you about the Hotel Sacher. Our preferred cafe was the Ritter at Mariahilferstrasse 73. Nothing special except no tourists (ourselves excepted).

Another aspect of Wien that we enjoyed was the Jugendstil (Secessionist) architecture found throughout the city. A notable example is the American Bar by Loos. Also, apparently there is a museum dedicated to this subject at the Northeast corner of the Naschmarket. It was too late in the day when we happened upon it and we regret having missed it.

On a different note I'm finalizing negotiations for airline tickets to Spain. It looks like we will be there at the end of March into April. Our local newscast the other day showed how much snow you've been getting. A good year for skiing the Pyrenees.

And finally Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans on the list!

John Rule San Diego, CA