Subject: Vienna for a week - next week -Reply
Covadonga -

Have an absolutely wonderful time in Vienna, it's one of my favourite cities. If it hadn't been for a family emergency last month and my having to fly home to Australia, I, too, would be in Vienna now for 3 weeks. Thank goodness for cancellation insurance otherwise would have lost a couple of hundred dollars on the airfare.

Do take the tour of Sch#nbrunn - you can let your imagination carry you back to last century and picture yourself dancing in one of those ballrooms. I haven't taken this tour for a couple of years - last time in Vienna I just preferred to roam about the gardens and stroll up to the Gloriette to look down on Vienna ... so relaxing and peaceful.

As for doing the touristy thing you can always pop into the tourist office (next door to the Sacher as you probably already know) and buy the VIENNA FROM A to Z booklet which is available in several languages. You can browse through it and decide what you and your mum might be interested in seeing.

But anyway - have a super time and we'll look forward to reading about your adventures at a future date.

Marty in Toronto