Subject: Hotel Database
Happy Thanksgiving to All,

Finally, the hotel database is beginning to take shape. We have hotels from over ten countries and many more cities. Check it out at After you sign in, go to the list on the left and open FILES. You will see a folder called Hotel Database. Open it up and pick out a country. You're on your way.

I'm trying a new tack to get you folks to send in more hotels. The country of the month is FRANCE. Take a few minutes to gather your hotel info together, and send it to me.

Once again, I don't always see everything on the list, so if you copy it to me I'll be sure to see it and include it. My address is black

An apology to the person who sent me a hotel in England early on in this project (Not you Pat.). I have managed to mess up the Great Britain file on my hard drive, plus two backup disks, and no longer have it. When you get a minute, please send it again. I think I know what I'm doing now, so I won't lose it this time..

Remember, FRANCE and wonderful French hotels.

Thanks, and happy holidays to all,

Callie Black