Subject: Re: Low cost air tickets
At 13.49 22/11/99 +0100, you wrote:
>From: Marco De Angeli

>Hi all,

>I often read about agencyes on the net that they sell low fare fly tickets.

After long searching for cheap air fares I found them right next door! is a traditional tourist agency who developed into web sale of last minute tours and air tickets. They have online enquiry, booking and purchasing; tickets are sent to your address by express courier. Their home page is bilingual but the ticket page is in Italian only, so I don't know if they can sell abroad.

The prices are good, i.e. a friend of mine got usd 700 for return ticket from Italy to Miami, tax included, for next Christmas holidays.

In addition, I personally know the owner which is very willing to help and fanatic about his web job.


Paolo Trieste/Italy