Subject: Re: Vienna for a week - next week
Covadonga - Schonbrunn is an absolute must. It's fabulous. Although it's touristy, I would suggest going to Grinzing in the evening. You can get good food, nice music, and the town is very picturesque (and lit up at night). As for cafes, I prefer Aida (which can be found all over town): you can get cakes and pies just as good there as anywhere else, and cheaper too. For a small, but quick, delicious and filling snack, stop at Treznewski's, just off the Graben on Dorotheegasse, right near Kartnerstrasse. For a splurge, go up to the restaurant in the building on Stephansplatz, across from the Dom. You'll have a fabulous view of Stephansdom, Kartnerstrasse and the Graben. Have you ever heard of Hundertwasser? Visit the wild apartment building and shops that he designed (there's also a Hundertwasser museum nearby - worth a visit). Personally, I enjoy going to the Nashmarkt (market). They have EVERYTHING there, including Arabic, Greek and other ethnic food, and it all looks SO delicious!

Oh, and while you're at Aida's, have a pastry for me too!

Laurie in Mexico City