Subject: Back from South Africa
This is just a brief message to say Tom and I returned from our trip to South Africa and Namibia yesterday. We are especially indebted to Maans Kemp and his wife Petro for all their advice and help and for entertaining us for a weekend in their home in Port Elizabeth. We even met up with former Travel-L member Hillary Stewardson, also from Victoria; she is in Port Elizabeth on a two-year contract with USAID working on cooperative housing. I should say here that we had no problems with crime on this trip, although we did proceed cautiously and for the most part we avoided staying in the cities. South Africa is a spectacularly beautiful country and the people are very hospitable. We would recommend it as a travel destination. The same goes for Namibia. I am hoping Tom will write an account of this trip as soon as we have recovered from the jet lag.

Ann Widdowson Victoria, BC