Subject: [Fwd: Hotel/not france]
Hello all...I have sent this hotel directly to Callie Black for the hotel database, but I wanted to share it with all of you who may not be perusing those files. I never got a chance to write up our Italian adventure of October, and my main regret was that none of you were getting a chance to read about this incredible place to stay. I hope some of you get to experience Santa Maria degli Ancillotti....I could have written much more about it than I did, so if anyone wants to know more, e-mail me! Needless to say, I highly recommend this place. Debbie in PA

Hi! I have a great hotel that I have been wanting to send you for the data base, and even though it is not in France, I'm sending it anyway. This place is just about the find of my life! It is just outside of Assissi in Umbria, Italy.
>From Debbie in PA

Santa Maria degli Ancillotti (06086 Sterpeto) 42 Assissi (PG) Italy Phone &Fax 075/8039764 Located about 6 miles outside of Assissi, off of a road that leads to Perugia, this wonderful place is the ultimate in Umbrian guest houses. There are 8 rooms (suites, actually) with gorgeous furniture, all containing a bedroom, sitting room/diningroom/kitchenette combo, and spacious modern bath. Spotless and very chic. The wonderful family that owns and operates this small hotel live on the site and are always available. The place is so beautiful that I thought that Signore Rossi, the designer and owner, must have been an architect, but he was a wine merchant before buying and converting this property. The site is on top of a lovely hill deep into the countryside (a bit hard to must ask for very specific directions) surrounded by trees and gardens. There are wrought iron gates enclosing the compound and the guests are given an automatic door opener to come and go with. The swimming pool is beautiful, the dining room is great, and for about $30 US a magnificent 7 course dinner is served complete with wine. Signora Rossi cooks, and her son Alessio serves, will Signore Rossi joins the guests for dinner. Do have dinner, you won't regret it. There are bicycles for the guests, as well as a dozen other thoughtful and convenient touches. See the website, but remember that the photos don't do this place justice. About $145 US in 10/99. Stay here if you possibly can.