Subject: American AIrlines carry-on luggage
This info came across my desk today and I thought some of you may be interested. Cynthia Kilian

Starting tomorrow, 12-1-99, American Airlines and American Eagle are installing baggage sizer panels on the x-ray machines at security checkpoints to make the boarding process more efficient and to allow more storage for true carry-on luggage. The panels will be large enough to accommodate standard carry-on luggage and garment bags. Size requirements are: 15 wide x 9 high for standard bags 24 wide x 5 high for garment bags

Baggage sizers are initially being installed at the following airports and other airport installations will follow in the comings weeks and months:

Boston Chicago Dallas/Ft.Worth Kansas City Los Angeles Miami Newark New York Kennedy New York LaGuardia San Francisco

Large boxes and oversized bags will need to be checked prior to entering secure terminal areas. As a reminder, there is a maximum of two carry-on pieces allowed in the main cabin. travelers should be prepared for the two carry-on rule to be strictly enforced and for possible delays to occur at security checkpoints.