Subject: Re: Lawndale, California Information Needed
Gary, The community of Lawndale is a working-class suburb of L.A. located in what is referred to as the South Bay. This area includes other suburbs such as Torrance (to the south), Gardena (to the east), and the beach communities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach (all to the west). The 405 freeway (the major north-south artery for west L.A. passes right through Lawndale. Downtown L.A is about 14 mi. to the northeast; UCLA, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, &Hollywood are about 12 mi. to the north on the 405. Torrance &Lawndale have a large aerospace industry with TRW being the major employer that comes to mind. You may recall the book &movie The Falcon &the Snowman regarding the true spy activity of an American employee of an aerospace company doing contract work for the U.S. government. This took place at TRW in Torrance. I believe Toyota's American headquarters are also located here. As far as housing is concerned your son would probably prefer to live in one of the beach communities. Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Redondo Beach are all representative of the quintessential SoCal beach town. Surfing, volleyball, rollerblading, etc. It's Baywatch in real life. Rents will be high. Especially in comparison to rural Pennsylvania. I lived for a year in the very southern part of Redondo Beach, an area known as Hollywood-Riviera. I really enjoyed it there. It had a village-type atmosphere in the midst of this great megalopolis. As your son looks for housing he'll find that rents go down the further one gets from the beach. I would suggest that he stay to the west of the 405 freeway. If the beach area rentals are too high I'd suggest Torrance. The nice thing about living in this area is no need to commute on the freeway to and from work. A plus for you is the relatively close proximity of LAX just about ten minutes north on the 405. This should facilitate your many visits ;-)

Good luck

John Rule San Diego, CA