Subject: Oaxaca hotel for Database
I thought I'd participate in the Travelzine's hotel database. Callie, I've already created a folder for Mexico and a subfolder for Oaxaca. I hope you don't mind my uploading this file myself. I'll be adding more with time. If you prefer I send them through you I'll be glad to do so. Otherwise I'm just as happy to take some of the burden off you.

Thank-you, John


Hotel Las Golondrinas Tinoco y Palacios No. 411 C.P 6800 Tel. 011-951-4-32-98 or 011-951-4-21-26 From: John jrule Wonderful hotel located 7½ blocks to the northwest of the Zócalo. Twenty-nine rooms surround lush gardens in three different courtyards. Rooms are immaculate while being simply decorated with regional furniture and textiles. One courtyard includes a breakfast restaurant and just off the lobby is a television room with a small library. Although the street in front is very busy the rooms are peaceful with many of them being set far back from the street. The Golondrinas is within walking distance of all the major downtown sights. The staff is efficient and pleasant. In 1998 a double room was $240 pesos ($28.90 US).

John Rule San Diego, CA