Subject: Re: Packing Light (New slant).
Bear in mind we have been going to Cambrils in Spain for the last 4 years, making many friends there, Spanish, Dutch British, etc. (It's amazing how many people return there year after year). On our last visit in September we were given a gift of a 5 foot (yes 5 foot) cuddly giraffe!!!

We travelled home (by car) through France having some very strange looks (the giraffe comfortably sitting in the back seat). Our great niece who is 10 years old is overjoyed with it.

We shall be returning there in May 2000 and if we receive another gift of that nature Geoff has vowed not only is he leaving the gift but me also!! He would rather bring home the 6 boxes of French wine that we had to forego for the giraffe. Well at least I know his priorities now!

Keep safe Linda &Geoff Wales