Subject: Re: Montreal, Canada
Rhonda, Some of us like B&Bs, some of us don't. My husband doesn't at all...he really likes being away from it all, and doesn't care to make conversation with folks on vacation. He just said, I deal with way too many people in real life. But keep in mind that he and I always travel together, and these are our romantic getaway times. I think a B&B could be quite nice for a solo traveller. I know how hard it is to choose accomodations. Location and price usually help me narrow my choices. Where do I want to be? What kind of neighborhood do I like? How close is public transportation? Do we have anything in the Data Base for Montreal? Please try and see the Symphony of Fire, Fireworks show, if you possibly can. It is a yearly thing in the summer, and was truly spectacular fun when we saw it in Vancouver. I hear that the show in Montreal is just as great. Have fun! Debbie Cole-Weber in PA