Subject: Organizing Photos
The following is an easy way to keep track of which building/person is what on your pictures/slides.

Before leaving home I make up tables with 2 headings - photo No. &place. The first column gets numbered 1 to 24 (for photos) or 1 to 36 (for slides). Every time I take a photo I enter it into the table whether it's a person or historic building. Each table is numbered A, B, C and each roll of film is numbered A, B, C etc. It's a foolproof way to identify what is on your film when you return, especaily if you are like me and took oodles of pictures. This doesn't take up much room either, in fact, usually do mine on a tiny pad which fits neatly into the compartment next to my travel diary. I also do my postcard labels before leaving home and, as each person gets their card, the label is used so there is no fear of forgetting someone.

Marty in Toronto