Subject: Spain
Hola John,

> Barcelona/north into France to Carcassone/Andorra (to ski a day)/northwest to Huesca & Jaca (another ski day)/Bilbao/Madrid.>

I don't think it's too ambitious, althought once you're here you may find out that you wanna stay longer in one place, so it is good that your plans are flexible. I just checked the calendar and next year semana santa is from April 14th to 24th. Some places get quite busy during that week, specially during the last (long) weekend, so it may be wise to have some reservations or some backup plans (if you're driving a car, it shouldn't be a big problem finding a place to stay a few kms away from the city center).

> Restaurant in Roses (near Cadaques) named El Bulli? Althought I've never been there, it is a well known restaurant, one of the few in Spain with three stars in the Michelin guide. The chef (his name is Ferran Adria) is known by his creative cuisine. The restaurant is located by the sea, in a cala (a cove) not far from Roses. It is supposed to be an interesting experience, althought, as I said, I've never actually been there. (As you can expect from a famous place like that, it is quite expensive) Don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions, Albert