Subject: Puerto Rico

I visited Puerto Rico a few years back; so my information may not be completely up-to date. I didn't stay in any of the hotels you list. My opinion is that, if you really want to enjoy the island and its people, you should not stay in one of the large resorts, but rather stay in little hotels. We stayed in several Paradores. The Paradores system is a chain of indpendently owned small hotels that are loosely linked (they have a central reservation phone#) and somehow sponsored by the government tourist office. They are not very luxurious, but some of them were really nice (like the one in Parguera). In San Juan, we stayed at El Convento; a very nice hotel in the old town, located in an old convent just in front of the cathedral; not very convenient if you're mainly interested in the beach scene, but a really interesting place to stay.

As for sightseeing, I enjoyed a lot Old San Juan. El Yunque is also very ineteresting. I also liked smaller cities like Mayaguez and, specially, Ponce. The best beaches I visited were in the SW corner; I specially liqued Boqueron.

Places to eat: one of the best ones I found is a restaurant in Old San Juan called La Mallorquina. In general the food was nice everywere (specially seafood). Some of the paradores also have restaurants. In the smaller towns you just need to ask the locals were is the best place to eat. Thanks to this trick we found excellent restaurants in areas were we wouldn't have even imagined to go, like in the Ponce harbour, where we were directed to an small restaurant (there's no way I can remember the name or how to get there after 8 years...) wher we had an excellent lobster.

Hope this helps, don't hesitate to ask if you have further questions... Albert