Subject: Carry-on luggage
Welcome home, Linda and Don! My vote for best wheeled carry-on goes to Land's End. I did 2 weeks in Europe (including the narrow, bumpy sidewalks and steps of Venice)with the wheeled carry-on suitcase and handy smaller bag that straps on, plus a fanny pack and over-the-shoulder misc. carry all. This is my second set of Land's End luggage over my adult life--first hasn't worn out yet (they'll make any repairs for free, although can't imagine need for repair, as quality is A+)--and my new favorite gift to special graduates and travelers. The wheels are divine, the system for connecting other pieces is well-designed, the soft-side fabric is indestructable and looks sharp many trips down the road, and the various zip pockets and interior straps are just right for all packing needs. Of course, the mail/online order system, quick delivery + unbeatable service is a plus for those like me who hate to shop. Now, our entire family has 'em, and we look like papa & mama duck with ducklings trailing behind as we wheel to and fro on our adventures! Happy and safe holidays and travels everyone! Diana Ball Houston, TX