Subject: Carry-on luggage
Hi Diana, We just returned from a holiday in France and we did the light packing thing. We used to have bags on wheels but this time we experimented by the both of us using backpacks. We did not use the large type but ones in the medium range. It worked very well for us as we took them on as cabin luggage and it left our hands free as we wandered around different locations. We were travelling around by car and it is not good policy to leave luggage in the car. We would, in a lot of cases, walk around with our packs on our back or if we were visiting a location with a secure ticket office we would leave them there. Backpacks were especially handy in large airports. We had some light chain mesh, especially made to fit inside the bag so that if the pack was slashed, the contents would no spill out onto the ground. We also used small locks on the zippers. BTW both of us are in our fifties. Just my 2 cents worth. Richard(Christchurch, New Zealand)