Subject: Montreal B&B
Pros: Smaller, quieter, more personalized; breakfast included; often less expensive, though B&B's come in ranges from bare-bones to luxury; proprietor usually learns your name immediately and greets you when you come and go.

Cons: MAY be called on to interact more with other guests (at breakfast, for example) than in a hotel; no extensive facilities or amenities; some very small B&B's have proprietors who some people feels gives too much personal attention -- almost like a grandmother waiting for you to come in and tell about your day. That has never bothered me, but I know some people who will not stay in very small B&B's just for this reason.

B&B's are just as varied as hotels are. I encourage you to give thought to what you want your experience to be like and then look for a property most likely to meet those expectations. For example: do you want very small, say 4 rooms, or larger place such as 15 rooms; do you want formal or casual; do you want continental breakfast or full breakfast; do you want breakfast served in your room or at a common dining table; do you want a place that has a nice sitting room or living room where you can read and relax (maybe with a fireplace), or do you want nothing but a room and bath; do you want a private bath or is it okay to share; most of all, via book or internet, try to look at photos of the rooms -- you can tell lots! Sally Watkins, CTC