Subject: Spain
Hi Covadonga! Thanks for the reply to my inquiry regarding our upcoming Spanish trip.

These basque chefs you mention; are they at the forefront of Spanish cuisine? The most recent edition of Fodors writes Madrid's best restaurants specialize in Basque cooking, Spain's haute cuisine... I find this really intriguing. I've always enjoyed visiting the Basque restaurants found in the central valley of California. These restaurants have always served hearty country-style foods served in a family-style setting (long tables, shared platters of foods, etc.). The idea of this being elevated to haute cuisine I find very interesting and worthy of some investigation.

I don't envy you your travels with Gabi. I'm interested to read your next installments of your travelogue to see if you were able to hold your tongue.

Every year (for the last five years) I've led a group of friends and coworkers on 10-14 day trips to central Mexico. I've been very fortunate that, so far, the groups have not included any compainers like Gabi. Although, last year, despite my efforts to enlighten everybody to the arduous aspect of a full day's horseback trip to visit a volcano one of our group members came along even though she was afraid of horses. Sometimes you just can't win. John Rule San Diego, CA