Subject: Italy 2000 & Pisa
I currently live in Belgium, but I am from Pisa and I am so happy you will have the chance to watch the Bridge game. You will absolutely love the Parade and then the celebrations afterwards. Did you know that the side that loses will have all of their lights turned off by the townhall technicians? I think at the same time at Giardino Scotto right along the river Arno not far from Ponte di Mezzo (the bridge where the game takes place) are going to have movies in the open air and Gastronomic week. Giardino Scotto is a must see in Pisa as many people do not know of this old fortress in the heart of the town. No entrance fee as Giardino Scotto is a public park. If you are looking forward to a good meal, i suggest a pizzeria/ristorante in Tirrenia called Lo Squalo (The shark). when I was younger and free we used to meet there and eat, before going partying. Every b'day and special occasions have been celebrated there. Do not forget to visit Marina di Pisa and San rossore. San rossore is a park right outside Pisa on A1 (You would find this on the map called SS Aurelia). In San Rossore there is one of the Presidential residences and is absolutely a wonderful park to visit. Actually you could spend a day around it, especially if you are renting bicycles. Cinque terre is a fantastic choice, but are you sure that you will be able to go for a walk in Garfagnana and then be back? I spent a long time in Garfagnana as I was in the scouts and there is so much to see that it seems too little of time for such a beautiful place. Are you staying around Ponte al Serchio or planning another spot like Capanne di sillano e Sillano? I am so excited for you that I could write for hours and hours about my beautiful Toscana. I see you have also chosen Gubbio, but what about San Gimignano (famous for its seven towers and an authentic Medieval town rich of multi coloured ceramics) and then Cerreto and then Volterra and then Pistoia. There is so much tosee around Tuscany, but there is also so much to see in Umbria. Along the Maremma line which starts from Viareggio then down toward Rome I see Populonia and hten there is isola D'elba where the color of the water is as beautiful as in the vCaribbean and then there is Rosignano Solvay right outside Livorno famous for the white beaches and blue waters and then there is my fried brain but if you want more information about France also, e-mail back and I can keep on talking... Serena Buchanan-Soldani