Subject: Travel wallets
What an interesting urban adventure! I would like advice on other wallet/purse options. I am forever on the look out for the perfect little travel wallet. I have been successful in finding items for my husband, I have had less success for myself. Here's the scoop - I am female, a bit on the busty side, and often do not wear pants with pockets. For air travel I do normally wear jeans or khakis which have pockets but otherwise my travel wardrobe consists of black pants & skirts without pockets. So, anything involving attachment to a belt loop is out. Besides I have heard more than one person advise travellers NOT to wear Fanny packs because only American tourists wear them and are therefore easy targets for pickpockets.

I have also seen pouches with string that appear to be worn around the neck under a shirt. These obviously were not designed for women - unless you wear bulky sweatshirts or sweaters everyday!

Help! What I have done in the past, and have thus far evaded pickpockets, is have a small purse that I wear bandolier style across my body. Since most of my travelling has been done off season in early Spring, I often have a raincoat over the purse. I also carry a backpack or tote bag of some sort for all the essentials that don't fit in the tiny purse - ie sunglasses, journal, camera, picnic lunch, and the brochures and postcards that multiply when kept alone in the dark to long :) Erina, in Reston, Virginia