Subject: Travel wallets
Barbara, I agree with you. Some things are hard to replace so take extra care of them.

Many years ago I found a cloth pack. Actually, it's very slim and has 2 zippered compartments. One is ideal for a passport, travellers cheques &cash and the other pocket is ideal for credit cards. It fits neatly under a sweater/blouse, skirt, slacks, etc. Other things are kept in my shoulder bag, including a purse with some small denomination bills. I read somewhere many years ago (before a trip to Brazil/Argentina) that if someone mugs you and doesn't find anything they are not going to be too happy about it!! this way, at least they'll have a few dollars (preferably American). My shoulder bag is always worn diagonally across the shoulder as I feel this is safer and it has less chance of slipping off if you are out shopping (or being helped off in a crowded area). Luckily nothing bad has ever happened to me on my travels. My basic philosophy when travelling is to try and blend in, i.e., don't advertise you are tourist, try to act like a local (as best you can). Marty in Toronto