Subject: Italy 2000
I must say you planned a very ambitious trip! You'll spend a lot of time on driving from paris to Southern Italy and back, whit a lot of other places in between. I suppose you are used to long travel times in your country and you aren't scared of distances, unless you planned it on a small scale map! :-)

I've been in almost all the places you mentioned and I assure you'll get a good look at Italy's best. Just two suggestions: 1) You'd better drive from Tuscany to Venice, then go via a sort of circular route to Verona, Milan and the lakes (Como and Maggiore are the best), then south to Genoa,the Cinque Terre and back to Tuscany 2) When you stay in a place more than one day, ask the locals about less known spots which sometimes are just a few miles away: you'll find churches, villas and little towns the tourists usually don't see.

May and June are pleasant and less crowded, while June and August are the traditional holiday months for Italians and you'll find a lot of people around.

Hope you'll enjoy your anniversary trip very much. Regards Paolo Trieste, Italy