Subject: Travel wallets
I use something similar that is on a string around my neck. I am rather busty as well as have a big stomach and it does add a bit of bulk on but I feel secure with it. I leave my passport in it as well as credit cards and travelers cheques. I carry a small wallet that I can keep a small amount of cash in it. I will sometimes pull the cloth pack out of my clothes if i need to get a credit card at the cashier but I don't mind if it's seen coming out or going back under the clothes. Maybe its a false sense of security but I can't see how someone would get it from me without me knowing. If i know I am going to need cash or a travellers cheque, I get the money out of it in a bathroom. I carry a large purse that I keep my small wallet in as well as my camera and notebooks. The purse always has a zippered closing and I keep the zip at the front so I can rest my hand on it while I walk, keeping the zip tab from prying fingers. I sometimes will hang my camera on my neck if I'm going to be taking a lot of photos, depending on where I am and if I feel fairly safe doing so. Diane