Subject: New Year's Eve
We'll be staying in Hong Kong (and New Zealand beats us by 3 hours I think). Until a few days ago, we weren't decided on what to do but we have just received an invitation to a party that sounds too interesting to miss. It's called UTOPIA and is billed as The Ultimate Millenium Party to launch Hong Kong into the Cyber Era at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre (where the handover took place). There's Whitney Houston, Boyz II Men and assorted other enterainment. It's put on by a development company here who has joined the cyber age and cyber couture is the thing to wear (gotta ponder that one)! Big parties are usually not our scene but it's intriguing and we may as well take advantage of those dancing lessons we've been taking (even though we were the worst students in the group).

But... before that .... just taking off this morning to go over to Macau to witness my second Handover .... the Handover of Macau from Portugal to China. I have press accreditation so will be able to get close to the action. Shall report next week! Cheers! Judy in Hong Kong