Subject: RE: Towers and other observation places
There have been more observation vistas that I have forgotten than recall - the hill with the great viewpoint down upon Caracas or that building in Warsaw, etc. And, to talk of a favorite almost implies that I have had the opportunity to return to the place. Alas, I havent gotten to that luxurious point in my life where I've seen all of my dream destinations that I can afford the time to return to old favorites.

So I will talk about memorable bird's eye views. Manhattan atop the Empire State Building from a teen-aged small town perspective - the endless skyscrapers, that patch of green that is Central Park and the 'millions' of yellow dots scooting around the streets. I got the impression that no one owns a car in Manhattan. They all take yellow taxi-cabs!

My climb up the 'leaning tower' at Pisa - I was fascinated by the gravitational affects on my body as I circled around the stone steps, at one moment skipping lightly the next half-circle making a stronger effort to lift my legs up.

A jump from a plane at 3000 ft (complete with parachute) over bucolic Wisconsin farmland - the utter peace and quiet almost a spiritual epiphany. Yes, my screams were carried totally away :-)

Experiencing the Zambezi River Gorge from the bridge at Victoria Falls - darned if that fool friend of mine, Lionel, didnt jump off! I will never forget his whooping as he bounced on the bungy.

The swinging gondola that ascended Mt Pilatus in Switzerland with a fairy tale land spreading out below me - the granite peaks, the evergreens far below, patches of snow and cold, crisp air.

The ascent by donkey up a hillside on Santorini. This little beast is going to trot my entire bulk up this steep hill? I was bouncing and laughing the entire way as the farmer/owner trotted right behind his beast encouraging it all the way. After I took a breath at the top I looked down upon an azure sea and ancient volcano in the distance. Contrasted behind me stood the white-washed cubistic homes so prevalent in the Greek Isles. Could I ever forget?

Cynthia Kilian in Woodstock, Illinois USA