Subject: Re: Towers and other observation places
The tower at the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore across St. Mark's Basin in Venice gives an interesting perspective on that city.

The Torre Latino Americana in Mexico City affords a 360º view of the Valley of Mexico including the volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl (if your fortunate enough to be up there on one of the few smog-free days).

Other observation places of note:

Gellert Hill in Budapest, especially at night looking down on the Chain Bridge.

The bridge over the Rio Grande Gorge just outside of Taos, New Mexico.

In Prague, Petrín Hill looms over Malá Strana and Staré mesto across the Vltava River. The Powder Tower has a great view of the adjoining Obecní dum and also down Celetná Street into the heart of Staré mesto.