Subject: Re: San Miguel de Allende

Two years ago we stayed in a hotel called Villa Jacaranda --

Aldama 53 2-10-15 (phone) 2-01-21 (fax)

It is a very nice hotel. I don't know that I would call it luxurious, but it is romantic and charming, particularly the breakfast area, which is set in a colorful garden. The location is ideal, 50 yards from the main park and 2-3 blocks from the *Jardin*, the social center of the town. The hotel also has a travel agent, who can arrange tours to Michoacan (a few hours away), Guadalajara or even Cuba. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

While we enjoyed the enjoyed the jacaranda a lot, last year we stayed with a friend. We loved the freedom of staying in a home. There are many private homes in SMA that can be rented by the week or month (maybe even day). These are large colonial homes, multi-level, some have pools. Many homes are rented with maids and other staff to help. This could be luxurious and romantic. If you think this could be interesting, email me privately and I can probably put you in touch with someone who can help arrange something.

If the couple getting this gift is flexible, we highly recommend visiting SMA at the end of September. September 29 is the holiday of Saint Michael, the patron saint of San Miguel. Indians come in costume from outlying villages and the parades go on for days. You can see the flying indians of Tapatlan (?), which is a beautiful performance. The fireworks are spectacular, a whole different type of display that we see here in the U.S. Sarah , the kids and I may even be there then.

Ed in KC (for now) edclancy