Subject: Prague info: transportation &Hotels: this is it
Hi, the following information i found to be the best deal as for transportation and hotel prices and apartments in center of Prague. Sandy . Disclaimer: I have no social, economic or personal interest in the information i share with the list on Prague. I spent two weeks there last spring and am sharing the deals and delights i found.


The normal cab ride from the airport into Prague is 600 Czech crowns (just under $18), if you can get a taxi driver to agree to that price. To avoid having to deal with these rip-off artists an enterprising company has started a shuttle service. Cedaz Airport service has white vans able to carry about eight passengers and their luggage. In the city they leave from Republic Square, and at the airport they wait outside the international terminal arrivals area. To go and come from these two locations is 90 crowns (less than $3). They leave from the square every half hour from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm. They will also take a group of one to four persons to any address in the city center for 360 crowns (about $10), outside city center 720 crowns (about $22). To be picked up at a specific location you must call at least two hours before you want to depart to airport. Their phone number is (4202)2011-4296 or 2428-1005. Fax (4202)2011- 4286.

It is extremely easy to get around the city by both subway and electric streetcar. Tickets can be bought at traffica booths and most newspaper kiosks. A 15-minute ride is 8 crowns; an hour's ride is 12 crowns. You must remember to time-stamp your ticket when you first get on the tram and before going down to the subway. All subway stations have ticket machines also, with instructions in English. You will need a 10-crown coin for the 8-crown ticket and a 20-crown coin for the 12-crown ticket. You will get change. Public transportation, especially the subway, is efficient and cheap. A one-day pass is less than $1, five days a little over $2. Buy one-day passes in the metro stations, at newsstands and tobacco shops.

The best and most honest taxi company is AAA (1080) ultra-reliable cab companies, a Prague rarity, with English-speaking dispatchers and the lowest rates in town.


The Hilton, Bohemia, Forum, Diplomat should be avoid because of guests rooms broken into while they were sleeping and guests accosted in halls and having money etc. stolen.

Hotel Axa, Na Porici 40, 113 03 Prague 1, tel. 4202/232-0603; fax 4202/242-14489. A lovely hotel with comfortable rooms just up from Republic Square, city center. A very good buy. Single from $42 - $76; double from $82 - $106, price depending on season. Breakfast included. Profile: E-mail: AXApraha rented by the Sklenars, Vsehrdova 7/440, 11800 Prague 1, phone 011-4202-534-744; e-mail: vladimir.sklenar Contact Katie Sklenarova. Large, airy, modern, private apartment in 16th century monastery in old city, a block from the river and a lovely park. Up one flight of stairs. I especially appreciated the heated towel racks in the modern bathroom and the English books in the bookcase. They speak English and are very friendly and helpful. Single about $20, double about $30. Katie is also a wonderful guide around Prague or into the countryside. She knows great nontouristy places; $8 an hour plus about $4 a day for gas. Katie offers airport transfers for about $13.

Apartment rented by Dr.Stania Weigova, Na Porici 8, 1100 00 Prague 1, phone/fax 011-4202- 232-3203. Has apartments in her building (up 2 flights of stairs) as well as other buildings with elevator, from Single $22 - $30, double $27 - $35; all located in old city. She is located in Republic Square. Stania is also a wonderful guide ($8 an hour), a former journalist, knows the history of Prague and country very well and can solve just about any problem you may have during your stay. Also offers airport transfers for about $15.