Subject: Re: Gites in France
Here is some info on finding gites in france. Sandy, (I have no economic, social or personal interest in info, merely sharing from my files)

Gites Ruraux, a house or part of a house, renovated to the Federation's specifications, offering basic comforts and can accommodate up to nine people for as little as $300 for a week during low season; Camings a la Ferme, are camping grounds close to a farm with oft-controlled sanitation and limited attendance on spacious grounds. Basic farm products and sometimes elaborate meals can be obtained from the farm. $3 to $5 for a camping space. All Gites reflect personality of their owners. You can expect anything from near hillbilly types to sophisticated hosts who will show you the local cultural sights. Information on Gites can be obtained from: Federation Nationale des Gites de France, 35, rue Godot-de-Mauroy, 75009 Paris; and Agriculture et Tourisme, 9, avenue Georges V, 75008, Paris. To order a guide, write specifying the Departement (or category) of your choice. Prices range from less than $10 for any Departement to about $18 for all the Gites in the country in any given category.

The gite catalogs and books provide detailed information on each gite listed that includes exterior photo; comfort rating in epis (wheat ears), from one to four; indication of how many people the gite can accommodate: prices. Also mentioned is whether there is handicap access, washer, TV, fireplace, telephone. Additionally, you will find information on the proximity of local recreational facilities such as fishing, swimming and skiing spots. Look for the most recent edition of The Gites Guide: French Farm &Village Holiday Guide, published by FHG Publications, Ltd. This excellent book provides everything you need to know to reserve (including sample letters in French and English) to rent a gite. It also lists information, including photographs and descriptions. on over 12,000 gites, and indicates if the owner speaks English. A British publication, the guide is distributed in the United States by Hunter Publishing, Inc., 300 Raritan Center Parkway CN94, Edison, NJ 08818. If it isn't on the shelves, order it from your local bookstore or from Book Passage, a bookstore specializing in travel literature. 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera, CA 94925: Tel: (415)927-0960.