Subject: Vienna Travelogue - Useful Information - Callie (hotels)
Useful information

Now I am going to put a few of the web pages I checked, the books I read (both guides and novels), the hotel address,...

Guidebooks: I sent an e-mail asking for various broschures to the Vienna Tourist Office, and I got them soon and without any problem. I already owned an Eyewitness Guide and I bought the Rough Guide to Vienna, because I liked the way it talked about hotels, places, ...

Books: I have read a couple of books by Joseph Roth and by Fredric Morton. They are quite interesting when you think about the turn of the century. Also A.J.P. Taylor´s book about the end of the Habsburg empire (I have just forgotten the name) and Brigitte Hamann´s book on Sisi (Empress against her will, could it be) really deserved to have a look. It´s not specifically a book on Austria, but I think that Daniel Goldhagen´s book, Hitler´s willing executioners has to be read, because there are a lot of things going on the history that one must know (in the same way that if you are going to Ireland, you should read Conor Cruise O´Brien Ancestral voices).

Films: Mum had to watch again The third man on video. If you are interested, the café Mozart is around the corner from the Sacher Hotel, and it is still alive and kicking.

Hotel Address: I booked throught the hotel reservation service in the Vienna Tourist Office web page. What I did was first checked in which hotels there were rooms for the time of the year I wanted. I refined my search to the centrum, because I didn´t want to be far away of things, and I wanted to be able to walk around. Afterwards, I checked in guidebooks and in the Web for reviews, and finally (this time I was lucky), asked my friends to have a look. Here is the address: Hotel K#rtnerhof Grashofgasse, 1 1010 - Wien Austria Fax nr. ++43 - 1 - 513 22 28 33 As I had told already, friendly staff, good breakfast, fine location, summer roof-garden. Some of the rooms have been already renovated. A very good value for money, I would come back any time.

I booked the hotels in Paris with my tourist agent. They belong to the IBIS chain, and their names are IBIS-Gare de l´Est and IBIS-Maine Montaparnasse. The best way to find them is through the web page : Useful in their sense, clean, dependable. They were just what we were looking for, but not for a long stay.

Xmas markets: Some of you asked what was a Xmas market. I have collected a few addresses that might give you an idea.

Afterwards, I have surfed around a lot in the last years. If you can speak and read German, I like the following address for an austrian newspaper

And now a mix of web addresses, some of them helpful, some of them not so much. Austria culture information system: Austria National Tourist Office: Vienna Hype: Austrian Federal Theaters (with booking on-line system): Falter magazine: Vienna Tourist Board: Wien online: Schonbrunn palace: Belvedere:

In many of these pages you can find links to other interesting places. I find the tourist office page most helpful.