Subject: RE: RE: overnight flight expectations -Reply
Yes, after all these years of having had the little packages handed out by QANTAS I do expect them. The first time it was a nice bonus, but when you get it year after year (for about 13 years - I've been flying home every year since my mother died and my dad isn't getting younger), yes, you do expect it - it's human nature. Wine has always been provided on my overseas/overnight flights so, yes, I guess I expect that service though I've never really thought about it as it's always been there. The same goes for the entertainment, it's always been there and it was a shock when I first went on a charter flight and they were charging for the headset.

It all boils down to us humans being well trained creatures and when we are continuously given something we expect to continue receiving same and when we don't get it (but pay more for the service) we really notice not having it.

An interesting fact to note - the girl (from Detroit if I remember correctly) who was sitting next to my sister and me (on the flight from L.A.) said she flies either QANTAS or Air New Zealand as the service is much better than United (who also fly the Pacific route).

Canada 3000 (a charter company) has started flying to the Pacific (Fiji, Aust, N.Z.) but I don't know what they offer in the way of inflight services on these long flights.

Marty in Toronto