Subject: RE: RE: overnight flight expectations (was: Avoid Thai Air!)
[] I don't need the toiletries, but I expect a decent meal on a flight. It doesn't have to be fine-dining, but I don't like getting a piece of unidentifable rubber crap. I find the food on American airlines (such as U.S. Air, for a good example) is the worst. The best meal I ever had - along with the best service - was on Lauda Air, the Austrian airlines owned by Nikki Lauda. Not only was EVERYONE treated as if they were in first class, but the food was absolutely delicious, and we were served our meal in real china, not some plastic dishes. Cutlery was handed out, wrapped up in a full-sized cloth napkin, tied up with a red ribbon. We only flew from Rome to Vienna, so it was a relatively short flight. But I'd fly with them again in a flash. I also think KLM is great, and have flown with them a lot. Singapore Airlines is another top airlines. My experience with Thai International, in contrast to Les's, was very positive.

As for Les's experience with the dog, you ALWAYS have to pay for an animal, even when it goes with you in the cabin as carry-on luggage. When I left Italy, my travel agent told me there was no charge for my cat, but I knew that there was. And I was right (I paid about $100 U.S. to take her one-way from Italy to Canada).

[] I've flown all over the world, and the only time I've ever seen a charge for alcohol was on American and I think Canadian airlines. Also the movie - never had to pay except on U.S. and Canadian airlines.

> I am also wondering if we demand 'more' in services and amenities wont the airlines increase rates?

[] Probably!

[] Laurie in Mexico City